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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Teen Hedgies for Sale

Two female hedgehogs for sale:

Sparkles: 18 month old - High White Pinto, very shy, likes to have her nose rubbed, enjoys her bath.  Likes freeze dried shrimp.  Selling Price $150.00 firm.

Shadow: 2 years old - Salt & Pepper - very shy, likes interaction, loves her bath and social time. Selling Price - 150.00 firm.

Carolina Storm - Whisper quiet bucket Wheels:  Colours available - green, watermelon red, blue, lime green.  Selling price $35.00 pick up only.

CnC Cages in L shape, can put two together to make larger.  Will require white plastic to be redone.  Selling at $50.00 each.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Pixie & Scooter are parents

Pixie delivered on May 1, 2013.  Many squeaks coming from within the nest, but no count yet.  Proud parents Scooter & Pixie are awaiting the arrival of Ms. Pawper & Winston's crew who were due the same time.  No squeaks from this nest yet!

Mom and babies appear to be doing fine, and will update more when we can catch mom sneaking a bite of food.

Updates from Thesil and Nicole - Tip for nail trimming

Another update from one of our baby and its own.  Thesil and Nicole wrote to let us know how they are both getting on.  Here is what Nicole had to say about Thesil:

"Hey Sharron, I hope all is well.  Sorry I haven't updated you in a while on how Thesil is doing.  I've been really busy with school.  Thesil is doing amazing!  She loves to cuddle up with me at night and watch movies and loves to go exploring and she certainly loves her meal worms.  She has gotten so big over the past few weeks and definitely an avid wheeler.  She is an amazing Hedgehog her colours have also really come out she is so beautiful!  I am still having an awful hard problem cutting her nails, I have been trying to cut them every other day.  I'm able to get a few but not enough, her nails keep on getting stuck on my clothing, blankets etc.  Anyways, here are a few pictures of her that I have taken over the past few weeks.


Here are a couple of tips for nail trimming:

When the nails are soft from a bath, place the Hedgehog on the top of a wire cage so the legs are drooped through the wire.  Hold one leg and trim the nails.  When placed like this on a wire cage top it is more difficult for the Hedgehog to ball up.

Another way to trim is to have another person hold her so her legs droop over your hands and the second person can take one leg at a time and trim the nails.

It is always better if you are able to trim a small amount for one or two nails, than to trim too much  all at once.  Some Hedgehogs get use to the trim over time, so be patient and try all things available to help trim.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday! & Progress Updates from our adopter's

It is always very rewarding for our team to receive update's from individuals who have adopted one of our babies from a past litter.  We get to see how they are growing and flourishing and see how our lines are progressing!
Happy Birthday to me, Yummy!

Hedgie Whisperers recently received some photo updates from a few previous litters of Pixie and Gracie. 

This is "Buttercup".  Buttercup has turned 1 year old already and her owner Kim, Sean and PB helped her celebrate with a very special cake made just for her.  This is the email with the photo I received celebrating Buttercup's 1st birthday:

Hi Sharron,

We had a birthday party for Princess, I attached a picture of her eating her 'cake'.  I know her birthday was on Friday but I was out of town so we had it tonight instead - it works well since Sunday night is bath and nails night.  She certainly seemed to enjoy herself!  Anyway, the cake was cute - it was a cooked ground chicken base with cat and hedgie kibble around the outside, meal worm 'candles' and crushed krill 'frosting'.  Hope all is well with you and yours!
Kim, Sean and PB

Other updates have come in from several adopters with the photo's shown here:

It is exciting to see that the owners are practicing all of the things the babies were taught before they went to their forever homes.  The interaction with nose kisses are a favourite.  We even have received one about "Toaster " who seems to be enjoying the playtime with a tissue roll.  What a great personalities!

 As always, we will bring updates as we get them.  Until then, "Stay Quilled".

The Hedgie Whisperers Team
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